New Years 2021 - “These days are tough.” Ten months have passed since I wrote those words. Life hasn’t gotten easier. The vaccines are starting to roll out but the cases and deaths keep rising. And the social and economic horror is worse. 

Grimpeur Bros. has been lucky. We’ve survived. Others haven't. Thanks for helping us do so. And because of your patronage & support, we’re actually planning for 2021/22! We're not going to jinx it but stay tuned. If you do want to help us stay viable and growing you can:

1. Order a coffee or espresso subscription plan

2. Order our weekly roast-to-order coffee

3. Order our merch or Baratza grinders

Thanks again everyone! Please, please, please listen to the experts & stay safe:

1. Wear A Mask

2. Wash Your Hands

3. Physical Distancing

4. Work From Home (if you can)

5. Stay Home - No Holiday Gatherings

6. Ride Solo - No group rides or races*

7. Run Solo*

Sending you and your's positive thoughts of health, safety, and happiness,



Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee


Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee roasting on a MONTHLY SCHEDULE will roast during the first week of each month. MONTHLY SCHEDULE coffee orders close on the last Sunday of each month at 3 PM ET. MONTHLY coffee orders ship on Mondays after the first week of the month. All MONTHLY SCHEDULE coffee ordered after the last Sunday of the month 3 PM ET deadline go into the following month’s production.