May 2021 - It's been 14 months since the pandemic shut down everything in the U.S. and around the world. The illness and loss have been overwhelming. The mental, social, and economic horror has been brutal. We've been incredibly lucky so far (knock wood). Others haven't and we mourn their loss.

As things open up, please stay safe and healthy. Get vaccinated if you haven't. Listen to the experts. It's safe. We want to see you ASAP in public.

The business environment is tough but we're hanging in. If you'd like to help us stay viable and growing, you can:

1. Order a coffee or espresso subscription plan
2. Order our weekly roast-to-order coffees
3. Get vaccinated

Sending you and your's positive thoughts of health, safety, and happiness,

Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee

Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee roasting on a MONTHLY SCHEDULE will roast during the first week of each month. MONTHLY SCHEDULE coffee orders close on the last Sunday of each month at 3 PM ET. MONTHLY coffee orders ship on Mondays after the first week of the month. All MONTHLY SCHEDULE coffee ordered after the last Sunday of the month 3 PM ET deadline go into the following month’s production.