Fall 2021 - These days it seems to us that some days are scary, some are heavy, and some are joyful. Cognitive dissonance? Confusion? Certainty?
Here's what we do know:
1. We're gonna keep roasting, supporting cycling, cyclists, and positive causes at the grassroots.
2. We're gonna keep fighting and calling out hate, inequality, and authoritarian fascism anywhere we see it.
3. We're gonna keep reminding everyone to stay safe in these pandemic days - get vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus and follow local public health department directives.
4. We're gonna keep trying to do better. #DoGood

The business environment is tough but we're hanging in. If you'd like to help us stay viable and growing, you can:

1. Order a Grimpeurbros.com coffee or espresso subscription plan
2. Order our weekly roast-to-order coffees
3. Get vaccinated

Sending you and your's positive thoughts of health, safety, and happiness,

Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee

Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee roasting on a MONTHLY SCHEDULE will roast during the first week of each month. MONTHLY SCHEDULE coffee orders close on the last Sunday of each month at 3 PM ET. MONTHLY coffee orders ship on Mondays after the first week of the month. All MONTHLY SCHEDULE coffee ordered after the last Sunday of the month 3 PM ET deadline go into the following month’s production.