How Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee Works

Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee now roasts on MONTHLY and WEEKLY SCHEDULES depending on the coffee. PLEASE CHECK the top of each product page to see the coffee’s roasting schedule.

Coffee roasting on a MONTHLY SCHEDULE roast during the first week of each month. MONTHLY SCHEDULE coffee orders close on the last Sunday of each month at 3 PM ET. MONTHLY coffee orders ship on Mondays after the first week of the month. All MONTHLY SCHEDULE coffee ordered after the last Sunday of the month 3 PM ET deadline go into the following month’s production.

Coffee that roasts on a WEEKLY SCHEDULE roast each week on Mondays. WEEKLY orders will close on Sundays at 3 PM ET. WEEKLY roasted coffee ships on Wednesday. All WEEKLY SCHEDULE coffee ordered after the Sunday 3 PM ET deadline goes into the following week's production.

We ship in the United States via USPS 2-Day Priority Mail. Shipping costs $8.00 for 1-2 12oz bags or 1 2lb bag. Shipping costs $15 for 3-6 12oz bags or 2 2lb bags. Larger order shipping costs $20.

Because SPEED IS KEY, we ship coffee and merchandise globally with DHL Express International Shipping (excluding grinders) to these countries:

  • Canada 2-3 business days transit (US$26-US$38)
  • Mexico 1-2 business days transit (US$32-US$51)
  • United Kingdom 2-3 business days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • Ireland 2-3 business days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • Italy 2-3 business days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • The Netherlands 2-3 business days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • Denmark 2-3 business days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • France 2-3 business days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • Germany 2-3 business days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • Austria 2-3 business days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • Switzerland 2-3 business days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • Japan 2-3 business days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • Australia 2-4 business days transit (US$34-US$58)
  • Hong Kong 2-4 business days transit (US$34-US$58
  • Spain 2-3 business days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • Sweden 2-3 business days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • Norway 2-3 business days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • Finland 2-3 days transit (US$32-US$56)
  • Belgium 2-3 days transit (US$32-US$56)

    Please note that all import duties and taxes (e.g VAT) are an additional cost and the sole responsibility of the recipient of the order and are not in any manner the responsibility of nor will be paid by Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee. 

    Pricing is subject to change. 

    If you want your country added to the list we ship to, please contact us directly to place your first order and we'll get your country added. 

    If for some reason, you are not completely satisfied with any bag of Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee, we'll give you 100% of your money back. Full stop.

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