Summer 2022 - Here's what we know:

 1. We're gonna keep roasting coffee, supporting cycling and positive causes at the grassroots.

 2. We're gonna keep fighting and calling out hate, inequality, and authoritarian fascism every time and anywhere we see it.

 3. We're gonna keep reminding everyone to stay safe physically & mentally.

 4. We're gonna keep doing good. You should too. #DoGood 

 Life and business are tough. We always adapt. If you'd like to help us stay viable and growing, please consider:

 1. Ordering a coffee or espresso subscription plan

 2. Ordering weekly roast-to-order coffees

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Dan  |  Founder  |  Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee

Baratza grinders are our favorite home brewing grinders because of their versatility, durability, and consistency in coffee grinding. We are hard-pressed to find any burr grinders on the market that matches Baratza's quality and ability to deliver consistently ground beans cup-to-cup. Plus they look ProAF and beautiful on the kitchen countertop. PLEASE NOTE: Discount Codes can not be used with Baratza Grinder purchases.