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2019 Caroline Mani Supporter 6 Month Coffee Subscription

2019 Caroline Mani Supporter 6 Month Coffee Subscription

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Light Roast 
Whole beans | 1 lb. bags  | Single Origin Coffee
Fresh, roasted-to-order single origin coffee. Delivered monthly in the USA for six months.  All profits from subscription sales go directly to support Caroline Mani's 2019-20 cyclocross season.


I think until you live it you have no clue what’s behind all of this. Passion, love, work, dedication, dreams, victories, happiness, joy...and also a lot of sacrifices, compromises, pain, some injuries, some rough times,’s not just a sport, your whole life is built around it.

It would not be possible without the support of family, friends, coaches, and of course, the sponsors and teams who believed in me the last 15 years! THANK YOU! 


Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee is BEYOND STOAKED to support current 5-time French Women's National Champion Caroline Mani for her 2019-20 cyclocross racing season!!! 

At the beginning of each month, subscribers will receive a one-pound bag of freshly roasted Grimpeur Bros. single origin coffee. Roasted single origins change month to month. Subscribers get our favorites of the moment from Africa, South America, and Central America.


Be sure to check the socials for more Caroline details soon as the cross season approaches. Caroline is working with Sunny Gilbert on something BIG!

We love cycling. We love cross. And we love the badass racers like Caroline who leave it out on cross circuits around the world, weekend after weekend! 5 time French Champion. 2016 World CX Silver Medalist. 2016 European CX Bronze Medalist. #BADASS

Caroline is putting together a new sponsorship package for the 2019 and it's time for us to step up, support this great champion,  and scream:


Subscription payments are processed at one time. USPS 2-Day Priority Mail shipping charges are included in the subscription cost. Subscriptions will start in July 2019. Coffee will be shipped the first week of each subsequent month.

Follow Caroline on Twitter. Follow Caroline on Facebook. Follow Caroline on Instagram. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Caroline Mani Coffee Subscriptions WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY RENEW.

Ride Your Bike. Drink Great Coffee.
Brooklyn, NY | Austin, TX
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