Hario V60 Brewing Instructions

The Hario V60 can brew a fantastic cup of coffee, but this brewing method is ALL ABOUT THE POUR. We recommend pouring with a gooseneck kettle such as the Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle or the Hario Buono Kettle.


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Follow these steps to home brew coffee using a Hario V60:

  1. Set your kettle of filtered water to boil.
  2. Weigh your coffee beans to your desired weight - 18 to 22 g per mug (we like big cups of coffee) and V60s are great, quick single cup of coffee brewers.
  3. Take the V60 paper filter and fold the seam over one time. This helps the filter fit into the V60.
  4. Put the V60 paper filter into the V60. Wet the paper filter with hot water to eliminate a paper taste in your coffee. Let the water drain out through the bottom.
  5. Put the V60 onto your cup and then put the cup and V60 onto your scale and tare to zero. TIP: Be sure the cup/mug you are using can hold the amount of water you plan to brew with the coffee.
  6. Grind the coffee in your conical burr grinder. We recommend a mid-to-fine filter drip grind. Pour the freshly grounded coffee into the V60 with the wetted filter. Tare the scale back to zero.
  7. Take the boiling kettle off the stove and let it set for 30-45 seconds. The ideal temperature is 205-206F.  
  8. “Bloom” the coffee grounds by pouring 50-60 g of water onto the grounds taking care to wet the grounds evenly. Let the wetted grounds set of 45 seconds.
  9. Using a continuous and centered circular motion, slowly pour the water over the coffee. Avoid directly pouring onto the sides of the V60. Pour water until you reach the desired weight (e.g. 374 g of water for 22 g of coffee). If you start approaching the rim of the V60, stop pouring and let the water & coffee level drop so that it’s safely below the rim.
  10. Your coffee will be ready once the water has been filtered through completely to the cup. The grounds will appear to be moist without any liquid. Brewing time should be two minutes to two and one half minutes.  
  11. Take off the V60 off of your cup and ENJOY your coffee!

Eco tip: Compost the paper filter and grounds if you can as they are excellent for compost piles. Dan's Mom used to save her used coffee grounds and mixed them with leftover crushed egg shells for our garden. She would pour the grounds directly onto the base of our vegetable garden plants. His family's backyard tomato and pepper plants loved them!

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