About Us

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In the late 2000s, we started talking with anyone who would listen about the inextricable link between coffee and cycling. On long rides, during coffee shop stops, we talked and talked about cycling and coffee. Coffee and cycling. All. The. Time. 

One groggy Saturday morning while lining up for a 6:30 AM race, we sucked on a caffeinated gel and thought, "Wouldn't a doppio be SO MUCH BETTER?"

As we trained and raced in Prospect Park, Central Park, and Floyd Bennett Field, we kept thinking about how to deliver great coffee to all cycling fanatics: commuters, racers, randonneurs, mountain bikers, cross racers, fixie fanatics, and track racers, it didn't matter. We are all bike geeks. And we are all coffee geeks.

In summer 2012, we took the plunge and started preparations for the launch of Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee. Our coming out party was at CrossVegas / Interbike where we launched with two espressos and two single origins. Then we hosted the world at our secret pop-up coffee shop at the Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville.

Fast forward to today where Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee:

  • Roasts specialty coffee and espresso to order in New York AND Texas
  • Offers a specialty coffee lineup of 8-15 different coffees and espressos at any one time
  • Ships coffee across the U.S. 
  • Hosts coffee shop pop-ups nationally and regionally at bike races and cycling events such as Cyclocross Worlds, Sea Otter Classic, Interbike, Cyclocross Nationals, the Breck Epic, Cross Vegas, Lago Vista & Pace Bend Road Races, and various TXCX races
  • Sponsors or has sponsored numerous pro, elite, and club teams and individual racers including Helen Wyman, Amanda Nauman, Team Hammersaw CX, Team Wolfpack P/B HyperThreads, Mo Bruno Roy & Matt Roy/MM Racing, Allen Krughoff, Attn Kat Daley, LWC Field Marshals, Firefly Adventure Team, Radical Media Women's Racing, Gabby & Jeremy Durrin of Neon Velo Cycling Team, The AmyD Foundation, Katie Araujo, Lisa Leonard, Jenna Page Greaser,  This Team Saves Lives, Vagabond Cycling, Tilt Racing, Weaver Technology Racing, Team Yacht Club, and Leave It On The Road
  • Meets the best people on the planet who ride and race bikes...and happen to LOVE coffee #BikePeepsRule 

And we haven't looked over our shoulder yet! 

Ride Your Bike. Drink Great Coffee.
Brooklyn, NY | Austin, TX