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9 Dub Espresso

9 Dub Espresso

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Medium Roast 

Whole beans | 8oz., 12 oz., 1 lb., or 2 lb. bags 

This coffee roasts on a MONTHLY SCHEDULE. Monthly roasted Grimpeur Bros. coffee orders close on the last Sunday of each month at 9 PM ET. MONTHLY coffee orders ship on Mondays after the first week of the month. All MONTHLY coffee ordered after the deadline will go into the following month’s production.

9 Dub is a classic, American espresso with an intense dry aroma. In the cup are rich chocolate notes tightly knit with a creamy dulce de leche sweetness and a subdued acidity. 9Dub not only excels as a straight espresso shot but also translates equally well in milk. 9 Dub is the staple of our coffee lineup.

9W. The very words mean that you are going long and will be spending time in the saddle. Whether you’re going to Piermont, Nyack, Bear Mountain, The Orchards, or anywhere in between, what more can be said about the iconic, world-famous, training route of NY cyclists and those visiting the area? There’s even a wonderful cycling journal we love named after it (check out “9W Magazine”). 

Our 9 Dub espresso is strong, smoky with pleasant bittersweet chocolate and finishes of caramel. It is what you need so you can get to the business at hand, bicycle riding, and carry you through to the end. It will stay with you long after your sprint to State Line, your detours to hit the climbs and your tempo paceline back. 9W provides profoundness for the cyclist. From the Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee Brooklyn Headquarters, we present you with 9 Dub, a beautiful espresso to match a beautiful route. 

Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. 9W is always beautiful and memorable. 

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Ride Your Bike. Drink Great Coffee.
Brooklyn, NY | Austin, TX

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