Aeropress Brewing Instructions

The Aeropress brews fantastic cups of coffee that are both pressed and filtered. An Aeropress can be intimidating at first. But once you get your technique down, Aeropress coffee is sensational. Plus an Aeropress is ideal for travel because of its size and durability. Pro-tip: Never follow the brewing instructions provided by manufacturers. There are always better techniques and hacks developed by baristas and home brewers over time. 


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The recipe below is a combination of techniques I (Dan) learned from a friendly barista at Joe Pro Shop in Chelsea, NYC, and from testing World Aeropress Championship recipes.

Inverted Aeropress Technique
1. Set your kettle of filtered water to boil.
2. Weigh your coffee beans to 17 g.
3. Take an Aeropress paper filter, place it in the filter cap, wet throughly with hot water, and set aside.
4. Grind the 17g of coffee in your conical burr grinder aiming for coarse grind between a French Press grind and a Chemex grind.
5. Put the inverted Aeropress onto your scale and tare to zero. Click herehere, and here for a photos of the inverted Aeropress set up. Pro-tip: Make sure that the Aeropress rubber plunger is pushed into the inverted barrel to about half a cm below the circled 4 on the side of the Aeropress chamber. This will give you enough room for the ground coffee and water to sit in the Aeropress chamber without overflowing it. 
6. Pour the freshly ground coffee into the inverted Aeropress. Check the coffee weight and tare the scale back to zero.
7. Take the boiling kettle off the stove and let it set for 30-45 seconds depending on your kettle. The ideal temperature is 205-206F.  
8. “Bloom” the coffee grounds by pouring 40-60 g of water onto the grounds taking care to wet the grounds evenly. Let the wetted grounds set of 15-20 seconds and then give them a quick stir.
9. Using a continuous and centered circular motion, slowly pour the water over the coffee. Pour water until the scale reads 220g of water. 
10. Take the Aeropress off of the scale and place the filter cap on top of the chamber. Gently twist the filter cap to the right until it locks into place.**
11. Place a coffee cup on top of the Aeropress chamber so that it covers the filter cap. Flip the Aeropress and coffee cup together so that coffee cup's base can sit on a counter with the Aeropress on top of the cup. 
12. Slowly but steadily push down on the plunger with even force so that the plunger starts pressing the coffee into the cup. Press the plunger down until the rubber plunger is a quarter to half a cm above the coffee grounds. Do not press the plunger all the way down as this will degrade the coffee's taste profile. 
13. Remove the Aeropress from the cup and ENJOY your coffee!
Eco tip: Compost the paper filter and grounds if you can as they are excellent for compost piles. Dan's Mom used to save her used coffee grounds and mixed them with leftover crushed egg shells for his childhood garden. She would pour the grounds directly onto the base of our vegetable garden plants. His family's backyard tomato and pepper plants loved them!
**At this point, some recipes will call for steeping the coffee sludge for 30-45 seconds. Experiment but I prefer to not wait or only wait 10-15 seconds. 
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