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Nathan's Roast Single Origin Coffee 1 LB

Nathan's Roast Single Origin Coffee 1 LB

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Nathan's Roast Coffee | 1 lb. Bag of Light Roast Whole Beans

This coffee roasts on a WEEKLY SCHEDULE. WEEKLY orders close on Sundays at 9:00 PM ET and are roasted on Mondays. WEEKLY roasted coffee ships on Wednesdays. All coffee ordered after the WEEKLY Sunday 9:00 PM ET deadline will go into the following week's production. 

Nathan Grill embodied the honorific of mensch.

mensch (noun): a person of integrity and honor

But Nathan was much more than a mensch.

Nathan created - friendships, acquaintances, rides, races, teams, communities, great times...Nathan created FUN. When we think of Las Vegas & Nevada cycling, we immediately think of Nathan Grill. Nathan created life. That’s his legacy. More than a mensch - Nathan created.

We always admired Nathan from afar. That's why we sought him out at a random crit that coincided with Interbike 2014. "Hey, are you Nathan the Rabbi from the Internet?" Heh.

A brief conversation and bag of beans later...and we stayed in touch through the years. Could we do a coffee for Team Hammersaw CX? Absolutely. Need some beans for a race? Check. Want to order beans for IRL? You got it.

Nathan's enthusiasm and everything he did for the Las Vegas and Nevada cycling community just got us...and kept us happy and hopeful - even during dark, tough times. We don't think Nathan ever realized how much and how far away from Vegas he touched people.

Our world is a better place because of Nathan.

May his memory be a blessing.

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Ride your bike. Drink great coffee.
Brooklyn, NY | Austin, TX



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