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Dry Creek Loop Single Origin Small Lot Coffee

Dry Creek Loop Single Origin Small Lot Coffee

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Light Roast  

Farm: Familia Diaz
Growing Region: La Palma, Chalatenango, El Salvador
Varietal(s):  100% Pacas

Altitude:  1,500—1,700 MASL
Processing:  Honey
Tasting Notes:  Candied orange, fig & silky.

Whole beans | 8 oz., 12 oz. & 2 lb. bags

This coffee roasts on a WEEKLY SCHEDULE. WEEKLY orders close on Sundays at 9:00 PM ET and are roasted on Mondays. WEEKLY roasted coffee ships on Wednesdays. All coffee ordered after the WEEKLY Sunday 9:00 PM ET deadline will go into the following week's production.

This coffee from Peru is our tasty homage to the Dry Creek Loop and features candied orange, fig, and silky tasting notes.

The Dry Creek Loop to the West of Napa Valley is one of the "go-to" loops for Napa cyclists. Depending on where you start in Napa, it's a 28-30 mile loop with 1,300 feet of climbing. The loop, featuring incredible scenery (Hashtag NapaValley), starts off with steady, warm-up climbing as you leave the valley vineyards and head into the lower hills.

The Dry Creek-Lokoya Volunteer Fire Department signals the beginning of the ride's real work. It's also a great place to stop for water refills or to add air to your tires (they have a floor pump!). If there are local cyclists stopped for a break, take the opportunity to talk about road conditions, weather ("The rain is coming around 2-3 pm." It did.), route alternatives ("Keep climbing straight up Dry Creek." We did.), and the glory of riding in this area. It took our ride to the next level. 

Normally on this loop, you'll hang a left onto the glorious Mt. Veeder Road. Per the advice of the locals, we stayed on Dry Creek to begin a 4+ mile, 1,275-foot climb (More climbing? Yes PLEASE!) up to the Mayacamas Volunteer Fire Department. The scenery, views, and switchbacks were off-the-charts...and we fell EVEN MORE in love with Napa Valley.

We zipped down those switchbacks back to Mt. Veeder Rd. with the biggest grin on our faces, took a right, and began climbing up through pine forests and vineyards up to Godspeed Vineyards. The descent down Mt. Veeder Rd. was incredibly fast and gorgeous. All of a sudden we were back in the valley and it was time for a glass of the local elixir! Clink.

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