Baratza Virtuoso

Baratza Virtuoso

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Baratza grinders are our favorites for the home brewer because of their versatility and consistency in grinding. At this price point, we were hard pressed to find any other burr grinders that could match quality and beauty to deliver consistency cup-to-cup, while looking beautiful on the counter.

The Virtuoso features conical 40mm commercial-grade burrs that can be adjusted to 40 different settings. In simpler terms, that means versatility of grind sizes ranging from espresso to french press. It's powerful motor, combined with gear speed reducers slow the burr to 450 RPM to ensure a smooth bean feed, noise and heat reduction and eliminate static buildup.

The exterior of the Virtuoso is just as amazing as the interior. The front mounted pulse button allows you to grind directly into an espresso filter basket. The side-mounted switch is also a 60 second timer that makes it easy to replicate the ideal grind time if you are not using a scale. The sculptured metal top and base give the Virtuoso an expensive, elegant image that adds a sense of class and quality to the kitchen and coffee shop workspace.

Not ready to commit to two grinders - one for drip/pour over and one for espresso? The Virtuoso is for the home brewer that needs one machine to do it all... and do it well. Do you like to grind by weight? We do - it's the best way to brew. Check out the Esatto. It's a great companion to add weight-based grinding to the Virtuoso.


The Baratza Virtuoso bean hopper.