What People Are Saying About Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee

Photograph courtesy of our friend David Figueroa from Nelo’s Cycles, Austin, TX
Grimpeur Bros. Specialty Coffee is out on the race course. Cyclists and coffee geeks alike are brewing it. We’ve come up on our first time check. Check out what people are saying about Grimpeur Bros.' coffee:

"Product pick of the week: Grimpeur Brothers Specialty Coffee out of Austin, TX and Brooklyn, NY. These guys know their way around a bean, with amazing attention to detail and an obvious love of the process and making and consuming coffee."
embrocation cycling journal 

"So much awesome @GrimpeurBros #TYC"
Will Powers
@IAmWillPowers on Twitter & Instagram

"The morning is looking up thx to @grimpeurbros. This stuff is from the heavens".
Peter Smith
@madalchemy on Twitter & Instagram
Mad Alchemy Embrocation

“I tried the 9 Dub today at NYC Velo, you’ve got a winner!”
Ben Hughes
@bhughesny via Instagram
@bomboloni on Twitter

“Cupping @grimpeurbros 1’st coffee release with @crisdobbins @thisis_diane
@thedaniel Of the 4, favorites were 9 Dub Espresso & Greenbelt by this girl”
Caroline Giegerich
@marauder via instagram
@dailymarauder on Twitter
@lattewars on Twitter

“@grimpeurbros really good, unusually fruity in a great way”
Mike Bodge
@mikebodge via Instagram
@mikebodge on Twitter

"Finally able to crack open some of this @grimpeurbros that showed up on 
my doorstep. Feel guilty all I have is this Moka, but it still tasted fantastic."

Chris Huller
@cycleboredom via Instagram
@cycleboredom on Twitter

"Puttin some Grimp in my limp this AM. Thank you @grimpeurbros & @dkcholo! 
I know good coffee & this IS good!"
Jon Woodroof
@twotoneatl via Instagram
@twotoneatl on Twitter

"So much for giving up coffee!"
"These smell incredible. I bought a burr grinder today. Brrrrrrr @grimpeurbros"
Janeen McCrae
@thenoodleator on Instagram
@thenoodleator via Twitter
Class grimpeur cyclist who climbs just like this guy.