9 Dub Espresso | Dam Loop Espresso Bundle

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Whole beans | two (2) 1 lb bags

This coffee roasts on a MONTHLY SCHEDULE. 
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NEXT SCHEDULED ROAST:  Week of January 31
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All MONTHLY coffee ordered after the deadline will go into the following month’s production.

Due to overwhelming demand, we've put together our two favorites for the espresso and cycling geek in your life. The 9 Dub Espresso | Dam Loop Espresso Bundle offers two incredible but distinct espressos.

9 Dub Espresso is a classic, American espresso with an intense dry aroma. In the cup are rich chocolate notes tightly knit with a creamy dulce de leche sweetness and a subdued acidity. We cupped more than 50 coffees before we found an espresso blend worthy of the 9W moniker. This is Grimpeur Bros.' signature espresso blend. It's special. Just like 9W. 


The Dam Loop Espresso blend is a truly unique one of a kind find. It is a four origin coffee, intended as espresso, which really shines when pulled as a ristretto. After some experimentation, we found it to be a lovely pour-over and press as well. It's all fruit upfront and finishes off with some nice chocolate notes.

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