Break 40 MPH Single Origin Coffee

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Light Roast

Farm:  Small Producers on the Kamira Hill near Tangara Commune
Growing Region:  Nkanda Washing Station, Ngozi, Burundi
Varietal(s):  Red Bourbon 
Altitude: 1,800—1,900 MASL
Processing:  Washed & dried on raised beds
Tasting Notes:  Peach, tropical fruit, floral aromatics, complex with a thick, smooth mouthfeel.

1 lb. bag of whole beans

This coffee roasts on a WEEKLY SCHEDULE. WEEKLY orders close on Sundays at 3:00 PM ET and are roasted on Mondays. WEEKLY roasted coffee ships on Wednesdays. All coffee ordered after the WEEKLY Sunday 3:00 PM ET deadline will go into the following week's production. 

Break 40 MPH. Internet beef. Smack talk. Or just fun in the peloton courtesy of Texas bike racing legends Elbowz Racing? The Elbowz Gents said they wanted a coffee and how could we not say, "Hella YES!" 

Break 40 MPH is a single origin coffee from Burundi. This is a juicy, peach, tropical fruit, and floral cup with a thick, smooth mouthfeel that's perfect for the summer bike racing season...or any time of the year!

Did you Break 40 MPH? Heh.  

Label photo courtesy of Lee McDaniel Photography

Ride your bike. Drink great coffee.
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Break 40 MPH Single Origin Coffee